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Former director of U.S. Mint weighs in on the IRS bitcoin decision

Posted on 28th March, 2014

If there’s anyone who should understand the mechanics of currency, it’s Edmund C. Moy. From 2006 to 2011, Moy was the Director of the United States Mint, government office in charge of both handling the nation’s gold and silver bullion and producing all of its coinage. With the recent decision by the IRS to treat […]

Bitcoin Foundation weighs in on new IRS rules

Posted on 27th March, 2014

In a post on the Bitcoin Foundation’s blog yesterday, Marco Santori, Chairman of the foundation’s Regulatory Affairs Committee responded to the recent decision by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to treat bitcoin as a stock-like class of property, rather than as a currency. The post notes that the foundation “appreciates the IRS’ hard work in […]

Will the IRS ruling launch a new niche market for bitcoin startups?

Posted on 27th March, 2014

Yesterday, the IRS declared that bitcoins were to be treated under the same rules as stocks under U.S. tax law, causing a wave of relief for seasoned investors and a chill of quiet panic among casual users. A literal interpretation of the rules would require an immense amount of bookkeeping for anyone who would use […]

IRS declares bitcoin to be property, not currency

Posted on 25th March, 2014

After months of speculation, the Internal Revenue Service has released new rules for including bitcoin in annual tax filings (PDF). According to the rules, bitcoin is to be handled as a form of property, rather than currency, meaning bitcoin itself is to be treated like a stock. This puts many bitcoin buyers in the awkward, […]

Report: How to file bitcoin on your tax return

Posted on 15th March, 2014

As bitcoin becomes a growing part of forward-thinking investors’ portfolios, there’s one huge unresolved question: How do I report it in my taxes? With many newly minted “bitcoin wealthy” investors in 2013, it’s not a small question, particularly as April 15 approaches. Unfortunately, the U.S. government isn’t even sure how to classify bitcoin at the […]

Report: Japan weighs Bitcoin tax following Mt.Gox implosion

Posted on 4th March, 2014

It’s hardly surprising that Japanese officials are reexamining their policies towards Bitcoin. Following the half-billion dollar debacle of Tokyo-based exchange Mt.Gox’s downfall, Japan’s official stance on virtual currencies has been placed firmly in the spotlight. According to an AFP wire report, Japan’s finance ministry and the national tax agency are considering new rules, and possibly […]