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Report: Update from U.S. Marshals Service about Silk Road auction bidders

Posted on 30th June, 2014

Representatives from the U.S. Marshals Service confirmed new details about the auction to CoinDesk, adding fuel to the fire of speculation about the results. The agency said that a total of 45 registered bidders participated in the auction, and that 63 bids were placed on the nearly 30,000 BTC seized from the Silk Road black […]

Bitcoin market holds breath for news about Silk Road auction

Posted on 30th June, 2014

Over the weekend, speculation has been rampant about the results of the U.S. Marshal Service’s auction of nearly 30,000 bitcoin. Theories about the price point of each 3,000 BTC block, the intentions and identities of the bidder and the ultimate impact of the sale have flooded Twitter, Reddit, Bitcoin Talk and other popular bitcoin-discussion havens. […]

Prices recover as U.S. Marshals’ Silk Road auction begins

Posted on 27th June, 2014

For the last two weeks, the bitcoin community has been abuzz about the auction of nearly 30,000 BTC by the U.S. Marshal Service. The bitcoin, seized last October from the now-defunct Silk Road marketplace, is being offered in 10 blocks. The “Dutch”-style auction is built around sealed-envelope system, removing most of the human drama from […]

Report: Leaked U.S. Marshals list may reveal Silk Road bitcoin bidders

Posted on 18th June, 2014

Last week, the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) announced the auction of roughly 30,000 bitcoin seized from the Silk Road online marketplace. With a deposit of $200,000 required to bid, the auction was effectively open only to institutional-level buyers. Given the closed-envelope nature of the auction itself, the odds of finding the names of the bidders […]

Bitcoin price tanks as U.S. government announces auction of 30K BTC from Silk Road

Posted on 13th June, 2014

The U.S. Marshal service announced today that it will be auctioning off nearly 30,000 BTC seized from Silk Road accounts last year. Worth more than $17.5 million, the bitcoin will likely sell for a considerable discount from the market value. Interested parties must commit a refundable deposit of $200,000 from a U.S. bank by June […]