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Bitcoin Vs The King: Gold

Posted on 28th April, 2016

Gold is one of the most durable substances on earth, it doesn’t degrade and will never go away. Bitcoin exists in a public ledger on thousands of hard drives and other media around the world, and the Bitcoin network can’t be shut down by any government. While in theory Bitcoin can go away, it won’t […]

OKCoin becomes biggest USD/BTC exchange

Posted on 25th September, 2014

Only a week after exiting beta testing for its new bitcoin-to-dollar exchange platform, China’s OKCoin has skyrocketed past Western exchanges in terms of volume. As CoinDesk reports, the USD/BTC trading pair on the site had a volume of 16,342 BTC yesterday, handily beating Bitfinex’s 15,552 BTC volume, as well as Bitstamp’s 14,463 and BTC-e’s 6,556. […]

Report: China’s OKCoin to support USD

Posted on 20th July, 2014

Broadly speaking, the bitcoin exchange world is divided into two camps: Those who deal in U.S. dollars, and those who deal in Chinese yuan (renminbi). Sure, there are exchanges that focus on Canadian dollars, Euros, Thai baht and almost every local currency, but the bulk of bitcoin’s trade volume is still dominated by USD and […]

Kraken puts hold on USD transactions

Posted on 26th February, 2014

Cryptocoin exchange Kraken announced today that it was putting a temporary halt on transactions in the U.S. dollar, and offering a 2% bonus to users who switch their existing balances to euros. Speaking with CoinDesk, a Kraken customer support representative explained the decision as the result of slow and delayed USD withdrawals. According to Kraken’s […]