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Report: ZipZap raises $1.1 million in new funding round

Posted on 30th July, 2014

San Francisco-based global payment network ZipZap has secured $1.1 million in a new round of seed funding, bringing the startup’s funding record to $2.7 million. The latest funding round ended in June, and was led by an AngelList syndicate created by Bitcoin Foundation board member Brock Pierce, with additional funds contributed by 500 Startups and […]

Relaunched ZipZap brings bitcoin buying to 20,000 retail locations

Posted on 24th June, 2014

In March, San Francisco-based bitcoin payment startup ZipZap was forced to halt its ambitious plan to bring retail-level bitcoin-buying to a huge network of brick-and-mortar businesses. As the price of bitcoin became increasingly erratic following the collapse of Mt.Gox and the fear that Chinese authorities were on the verge of banning cryptocurrencies, ZipZap’s payment processing […]